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Add a full size VGA monitor to your TASCAM 2488 or TASCAM 788 with this simple to install Interface

The TASCAM 2488 and TASCAM 788 are fantastic multi-trackers, but trying to view the small display when you are not directly in front of it or when you have an instrument hung round your neck can be a real problem.

Our VGA Monitor Interfaces provide the solution. This circuit board fits inside the TASCAM 2488 or TASCAM 788 and reproduces the TASCAM’s LCD display on a standard PC monitor.

The large screen format provided by the VGA Interface allows the musician the freedom to create music away from the TASCAM, meaning you (and the rest of the band) can easily see what’s happening. No more eye strain!

The VGA Interfaces have been designed to be as simple as possible for the user to install inside the TASCAM without the need for soldering, special tools or modifications to the TASCAM casing. It is essentially ‘plug and play’.

There are 2 versions available:

HGR-2488 Prism - full colour display for the Tascam 2488 (MKI, MKII or Neo)

HGR-788 - white display on a blue background for the Tascam 788

HGR-2488 Prism for the Tascam 2488

Latest design featuring a full colour display on a VGA compatible PC monitor or LCD panel

HGR-788 for the Tascam 788

White text on a blue background displayed on a VGA compatible PC monitor or LCD panel


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The HGR-2488 Prism and HGR-788 provide the following features: