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Add a full size VGA monitor to your TASCAM 2488 or TASCAM 788 with this simple to install Interface


Installation instructions for the HGR-2488 and HGR-788 can be downloaded in PDF formats from the links below;

HGR-2488 Prism

HGR-2488 Prism Installation Instructions (.pdf format)

HGR-2488 Classic

HGR-2488 Classic Installation Instructions (.pdf format)


HGR-788 Installation Instructions (.pdf format)

The following file contains an easy to use visual guide to the complete Tascam 2488 (MKI) menu structure

Tascam 2488 (MKI) Menu Structure (.pdf format)

The following file contains the promotional Product Brief for the HGR-2488 Prism

HGR-2488 Prism Product Brief (.pdf format)