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Add a full size VGA monitor to your TASCAM 2488 or TASCAM 788 with this simple to install Interface

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless otherwise stated, these questions relate to both the HGR-2488 Prism and HGR-7488.

Q: What are the HGR-788, HGR-2488 Prism and HGR-2488?

A: The HGR-788 / HGR-2488 are a small interface which allows the LCD display of  the TASCAM 788 and TASCAM 2488 to be displayed on a VGA compatible PC monitor or LCD panel. Everything that is displayed on the TASCAM LCD is replicated on the PC monitor.

Q: Does the HGR-2488 work on all versions of the TASCAM 2488?

A: Yes. The HGR-2488 has been designed to work with all variants of the TASCAM 2488. It has been fully tested with the original TASCAM 2488 (sometimes referred to as the MK I), the MK II and the NEO.

Q: Is the HGR-788 or HGR-2488 compatible with the Tascam DP-24  or the Tascam DP-32?

A: No. The HGR VGA Interfaces are not compatible with the Tascam DP-24/32.

Q: Does the HGR-788 or HGR-2488 provide a DVI or HDMI output?

A: No, Both the HGR-788 and HGR-2488 provide an analog VGA output (PC compatible RGB+HV) to a standard 15 way female HD (d-type) connector.

Q: Will I need to provide a Male-to-Male VGA cable?

A: If your monitor has a fixed VGA cable with a male [pin] connector (as is often the case with older CRT monitors) then this will plug directly into the HGR-788/HGR-2488 ribbon cable, so you will not need a Male-to-Male cable.

If your monitor has a female [socket] VGA connector (as is often the case with newer LCD monitors) then a Male-to-Male VGA cable will be required to connect the HGR-788/HGR-2488 ribbon cable to the monitor.

Q: How much experience do I need to install the HGR VGA modules?

A: The HGR-788 and HGR-2488 have been designed to be as simple as possible for the user to install inside the TASCAM without the need for soldering, special tools or modifications to the TASCAM casing. It is essentially ‘plug and play’, but you do need to remove the bottom cover of the TASCAM.

Q: I have followed the installation guide but the results are not as expected. What should I do?

A: Common problems and solutions are detailed on the Troubleshooting page of this web site. If you are unable to resolve your problem please e-mail support@hgr2488.co.uk with full details and we will respond as soon as possible.